Job holder assists the Post Occupational Safety and Health Officer (POSHO) in carrying out the day-to-day functions of the Safety, Health and Environmental Management (SHEM) and Fire Protection Division (FIR) programs at post, assuring that all government-owned and leased property in country meet the Departmental and other requirements. Duties include but are not limited to:

a) Inspections:
Schedules and performs safety and health and fire inspections of all U.S. Government facilities. Performs visual inspections of fire detection, alarm, and suppression systems when installed in buildings. Identifies hazards and evaluates safety risks, and determines methods for correcting identified safety and fire hazards.

b) Advisory responsibilities:
Provides advice when installing security hardware or equipment and on all safety, health, occupational, management issues outside the duties of the Regional Medical Officer.

c) Training:
Develops and provides safety training to employees, making sure they are familiar with safety rules and procedures for performing their jobs in a safe manner. Provides training on residential safety hazards. Conducts fire and life safety training programs for office and residential building occupants.

d) Mishap investigation:
Assists in conducting investigations for all mishaps involving fires, injuries, illnesses, motor vehicle accidents, property loss, and employee complaints/suggestions regarding hazardous conditions.

e) Documentation/Reporting:
Maintains and updates files and databases. Maintains inventory of chemical products used at post.

f) Strategic planning:
Plans for yearly safety requirements for the entire mission. Duties include assisting in budget preparation, identifying training requirements, procurement of tools and equipment and/or vehicles. Develops plans, procedures, and standards to implement fire protection and prevention programs. During construction and renovation projects, ensures that contractors have and adhere to a safety plan and are in compliance with SHEM work place safety standards.

Profiel : Education: Two years of university studies in facilities management or environmental safety, construction, engineering, or architecture.

Experience: Minimum five years of experience that consists of minimum two years of experience in the maintenance or construction field performing repair work or in the field of occupational safety, plus three additional years of work experience as a construction supervisor or quality control assurance inspector with experience managing people and resources.

Language skills: fluency (level IV) in English; fluency (level IV) in Dutch or French with a good working knowledge (level III) of the other language.

Skills and abilities: Good computer skills to include specialized software, database management, spreadsheets, etc. Excellent written and oral skills in order to conduct training and drafting of materials and reports. Ability to coordinate, prioritize, and oversee multiple projects. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Must be flexible, resourceful, and service-oriented. Ability to analyze and interpret regulations and technical procedures. In possession of a valid driver’s license B.

Job knowledge: Comprehensive knowledge of safety guidelines and required practices and procedures; general specialist knowledge of environmental safety standards.

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